There has always been something about the roar of the fans, the blinding strobes or the smell of a fog machine that draws me to shooting events. It's a privilege to be up front where the action is with the responsibility to catch it's fleeting moments.

As an editorial photographer, I love the story the images can tell. I've been published in both online and print outlets and enjoy the challenge associated with shooting for publications.

Musicians and Bands

I've had the opportunity to shoot such amazing performers as GWAR, Whitechapel, Sabaton, Iced Earth and many more. I'm not afraid of the mosh pits, crowd surfers and sometimes even the viscous spray that comes with shooting legendary heavy metal performers.


If I'm not shooting from the photo pit with a wild screaming crowd behind me, I enjoy being on the sidelines, with a wild screaming crowd behind me. I like shooting for my local teams and supporting the community with great images.


I am available for local assignment for editorial work, games and individual portrait assignments. I am also available for international assignments so long as I can get the time off of work and my wife says its ok :)

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